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find creative talent

We are a CREATIVE TALENT AGENCY for creative projects


Are you looking for great creative talent? 

We know that Spain has some of the best production talent in the world. We also know that finding good creative production talent can sometimes be a very time consuming and difficult job because many of these people do not have the level of visibility they need to be easily found.

PRODUCTIVE champions and promotes highly creative roles to offer a curated creative talent finding service for companies wanting to shoot or produce creative projects both in Spain and abroad. 

PRODUCTIVE launches with full capacity to help you find the perfect profiles of producer, production designer/art director and costume designer/stylist.

PRODUCTIVE also has an unprecedented network of contacts in other specialist and support roles in production.

PRODUCTIVE also offers independent production consultancy for companies and brands wanting to shoot in Spain and is committed to reinvesting in the Spanish commercial creative industry through a series of networking events, workshops and training sessions.

We represent a community of great minded and highly talented people. They want new projects and new clients, they want to be more visible, extend their client base, progress their careers and work more when they have availability.

We personally search, filter, select and recommend creative talent for your project, whether it’s short term/a shoot or a fixed in house position.

PRODUCTIVE is a new resource in Spain, a truly craft sourced business, personalised and independent and focused on achieving the best creative output.

Our team has many years of experience in both advertising agency and production company in the UK and Spain, and we provide constant support throughout the selection process. We are also completely transparent with our fees, charged only on confirmation of the project.

We believe we create the opportunity for our talent, and for our clients, to be more PRODUCTIVE.